Land Planning & Entitlements

At EDGE, we believe quality land planning is the careful balance of market demands with natural and man-made systems on our landscape. We provide a wide range of services to land owners and developers aimed at enhancing the value of their real estate assets and blending their goals with the visions of the greater community. We lead comprehensive teams of professionals through the entitlement process to create value-added land plans that connect with the local context and enhance the quality of life for all residents. Our purposeful planning approach maximizes the intrinsic value of land and allows for flexibility to adjust to future market trends.

Master Planning

A successful master plan should create a framework for long-term change that yields sustainable economic value, protects natural systems, and provides quality living environments for all people. We provide master planning services for land developers, municipalities, educational and healthcare institutions, and parks and recreation organizations. We provide customized approaches to public engagement to maximize input, communication, and consensus. As necessary, we assemble teams of professionals to address diverse planning issues including economics, land use law, transportation, preservation, natural resources, and engineering.

Landscape Architecture

We strive to create outdoor environments that enrich the way we live, work, and play. These spaces range from active sports complexes, to entertainment venues, to residential courtyards and gardens. We balance our pursuit of innovation in design with a deep understanding of social and cultural needs. The result is a memorable space that enriches the spirit and promotes a healthy lifestyle. We provide a range of professional design services from conceptual design to detailed construction documents and construction observation.

Urban Design

Urban design is place-making! It is the layering of the urban systems of land use, multi-modal transit, and open space to create dynamic places for healthy living. We believe that the best urban places are multi-functional and mixed-use with access to quality education, jobs, recreation, and health services. At EDGE, we apply our urban design expertise to a broad range of projects including comprehensive downtown plans, corridor plans, infill redevelopment sites, urban parks, streetscapes, and design guidelines.