EDGE is an integrated team of planners, landscape architects and development consultants. We are project leaders and collaborative partners that balance creativity and functionality to create transformative environments. At EDGE, we look for every opportunity to create economically, socially and environmentally impactful solutions while implementing thoughtful planning and purposeful design. Our professionals provide design solutions delivered within budget and on schedule to architects, engineers, corporate clients, private developers, private and non-profit institutions, public agencies and municipalities in markets across the United States. Regardless of a project’s scope or size, we seek to transform environments through the application of the firm’s core P.L.A.C.E. Principles.


    Protect the unique history, culture and environmental features of a place. This includes its historical buildings and landscapes, its unique stories and traditions, and its natural features and ecological systems.


    Link everything! Circulation systems should be clearly delineated for wayfinding and pedestrian systems for walking, cycling, and fitness must be a priority. Connectivity must be established internally within the project limits and externally to the greater community.


    Access to a variety of recreation opportunities, healthy food choices, quality education and health services is critical to creating a culture of wellness and healthy lifestyles.


    Concentrate uses that reinforce a sense of community and encourage interaction among all people. Proper density and mix of uses will create dynamic places with economic synergy while reducing the developed footprint.


    Energize streetscapes and open spaces by creating diverse places that support various functions including recreation and social gatherings. Provide spaces for community programming and events.


In 2003, NFL All-Pro, Heisman Trophy winner and Ohio State University landscape architecture graduate Eddie George and a team of experienced professionals founded EDGE in Columbus, Ohio. The Nashville, Tennessee office opened in 2005 and the Toledo, Ohio office followed in 2008. Our three locations have allowed us to develop a regional market expertise across the Midwest and the South while building a national reputation through our collaborative partnerships.


The principals and staff at EDGE have a wide variety of expertise that allows us to develop projects from the early visioning stage through design and implementation. Our principals are active, hands-on project leaders. Their direct participation ensures that decades of expertise are brought to every project.